Drivers Education for Busy Students

Drivers Education for Students in Training for Real Life

Extracurricular activities challenge even the most capable students.  Free periods aren’t free, and their ‘school day’ extends hours beyond ‘the bell’.

Jenkins Drivers Ed provides an intense alternative for students with intense demands on their time.


So… we don’t mess around.  You won’t be driving in an empty parking lot to learn how to avoid running over traffic cones.  You’ll be behind the wheel, in real world traffic, in OUR State Certified Vehicles.

  • You will escape the distractions and break the routine of a typical school day by meeting at our special training facility click here for a map.
  • You won’t be with a bunch of kids who would rather be somewhere else.  You’ll be with other goal oriented young people who paid to be there, and have too much going on to waste their time – or yours. 
  • You will be among people who know the importance of working as a team as well as winning as individuals.   
  • And if you have a scholastic, athletic, church, or family event that conflicts with a scheduled class… we get it.  We’ll work with you to make up the class.
  • Start classes at any time, finish at your own pace.  New classes start every month!

bandWe love providing drivers education for busy students!  They often grow up to be busy adults and drive more than average people do, so we are making an even greater contribution to highway safety than the average driving school!